Consumers are affected or influenced by other individuals more than they know. That’s what makes social proof a strong notion. Social proof is also referred to as informational social influence. It is defined as a social and psychological phenomenon where individuals believe that the action of others is what’s deemed to be the right conduct for any specified scenario.

We have turned to many things and regard them as social proofs. The list includes reliable professionals, celebrities, thought leaders, and influencer. While some people turn to their friends, others rely entirely on the crowd’s wisdom. All of these can influence other people’s choices on how to act or think given a scenario.

Do you notice how comedy shows use canned laughter to increase the fun value of their show? This is an example of social proof. If you hear people laugh at a joke, you also laugh at it even if you don’t think that it’s funny.

Online Reviews: A Powerful Social Proof

Online reviews are among the most powerful types of influence or social proof of today. Back then, people rarely visit check out an online review site before trying a new restaurant. The same is true for hotels, stores, clinics, schools, and almost anything else that offers a product or service. Reviews now play a very important role in the decision-making processes of customers. Reviews may even guide their buying behavior and affect their overall impression of a brand.

In effect, the product or service that has a good review is worth buying while those that have negative reviews won’t be bought as much. A lot of people are seriously taking online reviews as social proof to influence the way that they buy.

Reviews also serve as an influential drive or social proof to determine what one should believe in at the mention of a certain company, product, and service. It is more effectively used that way, rather than convincing individuals what’s worth purchasing versus what’s not.

How to Make Your Business Influential

A growing number of online marketers now know how to take advantage of online reviews to provide convincing social proof and influence other people to buy. Reviews also promote confidence among shoppers. If you’re looking to build the influence of your online business, here are some ways on how you can leverage the use of social reviews.

1. Add customer testimonials.

Detailed customer testimonials would make your brand stand out from the competition. Once people hear how good your products or services are from other people, especially the ones that they know, then they will start to buy.

2. Respond to reviews.

Having good online reviews is one thing. Responding to them is another. Responding to reviews, regardless if its good or bad, frame the way people think about your business. There will be bad reviews at one point because it’s impossible to please everybody. What’s important is how you handle such instances.

3. Hire influencers to promote your brand.

These days, the best people to promote your business aren’t the celebrities that ask for multi-million deals. You only must find social media influencers and online thought leaders to back up your products and services and the effect is going to be monumental. If you want to know more about online influence, simply visit