Color Swatches Pro for Magento

Color Swatches Pro is an extension that can be used on Magento websites. Among other functions, the extension brings vibrancy to text on web pages. As its name indicates, Color Swatches Pro is a color selector tool which includes bright swatches that can make any website look a lot more appealing. The tool is a valuable addition to any modern website that seeks to achieve an appealing look and broaden its functionality.

There are several features of the extension that make it a worthwhile tool. Here are some key benefits of Color Swatches Pro.


The tool comes with multiple selectors that give the user a wide variety of attributes to apply to text. Also, the extension allows making use of images when picking an attribute. In addition, it is possible to automatically configure and update attributes like product prices without having to change each individual item. This makes the extension invaluable for e-commerce sites and related websites as well. The functions available with the extension range from changing color attributes to zooming swatches and adding various other custom visual effects.


It is possible to adjust multiple settings with this extension. It can be adapted to work with different tools and page setups. Customization of particular website sections is possible through the use of simple programs.

Color attributes can be applied to required areas, for instance, by specifying key features that distinguish those sections. Such flexibility is great for websites that contain multiple sections with different products. Differentiating adjacent parts of a website not only adds visual loveliness but it also makes a website more functional and easier to use.

Integration and Maintenance

The extension can be easily integrated to any websites built with Magento as it is fully adapted for the platform. Considering that the included modules are also customized to work with useful coding languages like AJAX, much more functionality and usability can be expected with the tool.