Launching E-Commerce Website with Magento

Magento is an open source e-commerce platform. The platform is run by Magento Inc. It offers a scalable, robust and user-friendly platform to do business online. Presently, Magento is among the best solutions for online stores you can find.

The platform is pretty easy since all that you need to do is download the free community version or settle for the enterprise edition. For the latter version, one pays a license fee, after which the company can have its store developed in PHP using the services of the developer. The unique design of the website is based on the needs of the store and thus it can be built to meet the individual needs of the business. The entrepreneur then pays a hosting fee to Magento Inc. and the site gets approved. After this, the site is usually up and running. At this point, you can start selling your goods and services online.

One great advantage of using Magento is that one can scale it based on their budget. A small business can set up its site on a low budget, while bigger businesses can incorporate advanced features as well as other maintenance tools. For instance, you can order that it is adapted to additional products, multi-payment gateways, high volumes of traffic and more inventory.

Advantages of Magento include:

Flexibility and easy access

Apart from the ability to access a Magento website through personal computers, it is also accessible through mobile devices. Moreover, its responsive configuration is the best to improve your online shopping business.

It is search engine optimized

Magento understands the significant role that SEO plays in online business. As a result, it has improved functionality so that your site can attract more traffic. This will drive your sales up in the long run.

Powerful software

Your E-commerce site can handle thousands of products on a single website as well as facilitate thousands of transactions in an hour.

Multiple extensions

Magento is a popular platform for E-commerce. Consequently, many developers are well acquainted with it and have already developed scores of extensions so that customers can customize their websites without any limitations.

Examples of websites that have been built with Magento

  1. S’well

This is a company that was launched in 2010 with the primary aim of getting rid of plastics in the world. This was through the creation of fashionable drinking bottles that are reusable. Magento aids their business by offering an informative platform about the products the company offers. On top of this, the company applied the filtering capability that enables customers to select their preferred color and size after which the chousen products on offer are displayed.

  1. Mr. Price

This South African fashion retailer store needed a platform that was cost-effective and flexible. On top of this, they wanted a shorter development cycle and release time that would make it easier to update its content as well as introduce new functionality. Magento did it for them. Moreover, the store was able to introduce a mobile money wallet and a mobile app that improves customer user experience.

  1. Canon

Canon Australia launched their site using Magento after unsuccessfully running their site on another platform. With Magento, they aimed to improve customer experience. On their site, Canon utilized a Magento tool to categorize products based on their intended use. As a result, the customers can now easily determine the right lens for their cameras or other accessories. On top of this, the company added recommendation features such as ‘most wanted’, ‘just arrived’ and ‘wait lists’.

  1. Sildenafilcitrate

This website has been functioning for two years now. It was created basically for men to inform them about erectile dysfunction medication. The home page provides comprehensive information on sildenafil citrate, the main active ingredient used in the most popular ED drugs including Viagra. However, some time after, the website started to publish interesting articles on a wide range of health topics. So now it’s not only for men but rather for people – regardless of their gender – who are interested in different aspects of health.

  1. CIALIS Over the Counter

This is another website devoted to health problems that was built on the Magento platform back in 2014. As the name suggests, the site is designed to provide maximum information on the renowned drug Cialis, including links to where it can purchased at a reasonable price. Also, there are dozens of categorized medical articles on the website. For example, one of the categories, Intimacy, is entirely dedicated to sex life and relationships.

  1. Cialisprix

As you’ve probably figured out already, Magento is quite a popular platform for medically oriented websites of any kind. So this one is actually very similar to the two mentioned above. The difference is, however, that Cialisprix is in French and thus intended specifically for French speaking users. Aside from France, the website is also known in Belgium, Canada and several countries across the African continent.

  1. Southwest OB-Gyn

This website belongs to Southwest Obstetrics & Gynecology, Ltd. It is a well-known medical establishment that has been operating since 1976. This company has its own team of medical professionals and provides health services for women in the Chicago area. Obstetrics and Gynecology are the main fields that the organization specializes in. In 2012 the company decided to launch its own website and opted for the Magneto platform. As a result, the organization has experienced an increase in the number of customers in recent years.