Understanding Magento Color Swatch Extensions

Magento color swatch extensions are described as a type of extension that works on configurable products to help the owners of online shops present products in all arrays of patterns, sizes, colors and much more. It is easy to integrate and simple to install. Actually, it does not necessarily require one to install any other additional plugins or scripts. Also, it does not require users to write even a single code for it to run.

The extensions are used to present numerous product feature options as swatches. They can be utilized for almost all the features of configurable products. The extensions are currently designed with more beneficial attributes that allow the customer to have a more engaging experience. The Magento color swatch extensions also show attribute options in the form of clickable scratches, which allow users to easily upload custom swatch photos.

In order to make your online store more attractive the color swatch extensions provide users with the option to display swatches on layered navigation, search page, catalog page, product page, and even blocks-related, best-selling or featured products. Apart from the color, the extensions can be utilized on any other type of features including manufacturer, fabric and size.

Most importantly, the extensions alter the prices and product images depending on the kind of swatch one picks. It helps customers to perfectly visualize the products. You can use the extensions to improve the consistency of communication with your clients and ultimately encourage them to visit your online store again.

The extensions are typically designed with a built-in custom stock element. Therefore, users do not have to procure additional out-of-stock modules or custom stock status to attain the useful options for their online store. You can create “not available” or “out-of-stock” messages in seconds. This way you can introduce an additional personal touch by informing clients about the stock status of the products. In addition, you are able to inform them when the products are going to be available again.